Justice, Not Charity: 
William Sloane Coffin's Love Letters to America
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This work invites the performer(s) to improvise a series of short songs based on randomly accessed (recordings of) quotes by William Sloane Coffin and applied to general families of  percussion instruments.

(1) Click on the image to the right to download the pdf of the score to Justice, Not Charity: William Sloane Coffin's Love Letters to America via google drive.

(2) Additionally, the performer(s) will need to download and install MaxMSP Patch and Audio Files to randomly generate quotes. These can be accessed as .zip in a google drive by clicking the image here and need to be "unzipped", but please be sure not to inadvertently delete any files in this folder when exploring. These all need to be saved in the same folder to work.

If you do not already have a copy of MaxMSP to run this, a free demo version can be downloaded by clicking on this image to the right. You will have to specify "Mac" or "PC".